Privacy Policy (Cookie- og privatlivspolitik)

Date of enactment 25th May 2018.

The ticketing system is provided by: Ticketbutler IVS Raffinaderivej 10, 2300 København S CVR: 38404687

On the behalf of following organiser: Comedyklubben, Amager Fælledvej 71e, 2300 København S,


Consent of the data subject means any freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous indication of the data subject's wishes by which he or she, by a statement or by a clear affirmative action, signifies agreement to the processing of personal data relating to him or her.

Organiser is the organization or person which alone or in the collaboration with others is planning/coordinating the event/collection and ultimately the one responsible for purpose and means of processing of the gathered data (Data Controller).

Pseudonymisation means the processing of personal data in such a manner that the personal data can no longer be attributed to a specific data subject without the use of additional information, provided that such additional information is kept separately and is subject to technical and organisational measures to ensure that the personal data are not attributed to an identified or identifiable natural person.


It is very important to Ticketbutler that you feel safe in using Ticketbutlers services. It is important that you understand what information Ticketbutler collects when you use the Ticketbutler Services and what Ticketbutler may do with that information. Therefore, Ticketbutler has a clear and fair privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/EC/679), or “GDPR”.

Organisers, ticket buyers registrants, and donors

By using the Ticketbutler’s website, app and connected services (jointly the “Ticketbutler Services”), you are entering into a binding contract with the Organiser with Ticketbutler as third-party (Raffinaderivej 10, 2300 København S (Danish company reg. no. 38404687), having its registered offices in Denmark (“Ticketbutler”)) and as intermediary party between the Organiser and ticket buyers, registrants and donors. The agreement includes this Privacy Policy and Ticketbutler’s standard terms and conditions.

Changes to policy

Ticketbutler may, at its sole discretion, make changes to the Privacy Policy. If any such changes are considered material by Ticketbutler, you will be notified of such changes via the Ticketbutler Services. By continuing to use the Ticketbutler Service after such changes are made, you are expressing and acknowledging your acceptance of the changes.

Information collected and processed

By using Ticketbutler, we may collect Personal Data which may be both on the behalf of Ticketbutler and on the behalf of the Organiser who uses Ticketbutler to promote and manage events. An explanation of the distinction will be explained later in this Privacy Policy. Ticketbutler collects and processes the following types of information via your use of the Ticketbutler Services:

  1. Contractual Data. Ticketbutler gathers following contractual Personal Data from the ticket buyers, registrants, and donors: Full name, e-mail, and phone number.
  2. Other Personal Data. Ticketbutler may gather other Personal Data. This can for example but not limited to be your nick-name, age, birthday, sex, address, photo, GPS-position, and other information that enables users to be personally identified. etc.
  3. Information about use of the Ticketbutler Services. This can for example be frequency of visits, time spent on each page, cursor location and movements, link usage, etc.
  4. Information from interactions with social media platforms. Ticketbutler receives data on the interaction between the Ticketbutler Services and certain social media platforms (for example Facebook), such information can include your identification information on the platform, post to the platform via the Ticketbutler Services and your connections’ reactions to the posts (i.e. comments or likes).
  5. When a user pays for a ticket financial information is provided e.g. processing card information or billing address. This information might be Personal Data. All data on your payment is handled by external payment process providers and hereby never handled nor accessible by Ticketbutler.
  6. Organisers can ask to collect information from tickets buyers, registrants, and/or donors about virtually any information through Ticketbutler Services. Ticketbutler does not control what Personal Data Ticketbutler collect on behalf of the Organiser. The data collected on behalf of the Organiser will be available for the Organiser to use.
  7. Ticketbutler will collect the necessary financial information from the Organisers for the purpose of facilitating payouts.
  8. Ticketbutler may request and collect Personal Data from third-party sources including websites, payment processing partners, Organisers bank etc.
Ticketbutler will not collect information on race, ethnicity, political views, religion, sexual preferences or philosophical views unless you choose to enter such information into the Ticketbutler Services. If Ticketbutler becomes aware that information might be considered wrong or misleading, Ticketbutler will delete or amend such information.

How we use your data

  1. Services. We use your personal data for the purpose of providing the ticketing service and ensuring you receive the service you have paid for or ordered and analyse your use of the Services.
  2. The Organisers. The collection of data is done on the behalf of the event organiser who hereby ultimately are responsible for the processing of your data.
  3. Marketing. All data used in marketing will be pseudonymized and no other Organiser will get access to your data without your consent. We don’t share your data with anyone but the event organizers of the events you have entered information through. Ticketbutler or the Organiser will use your Personal Data for advertising and marketing purposes if you actively have agreed upon receiving such material.
  4. Development of services and research. We use data, including public feedback and surveys, to understand our users and conduct research and development, to further develop our services to provide you and others with a better experience of the service.
  5. Customer support. We use your data to investigate and respond to support inquiries, complaints and service issues (such as errors).
  6. Security and surveys. We use your data if we consider it necessary for security reasons or to investigate potential fraud or other violations of our User Agreement or this Privacy Policy and/or attempt to harm our members or visitors. In cases of investigating fraud your data might be shared with our payment service providers.
  7. Other. If any Personal Data is provided to Ticketbutler with a specific purpose, Ticketbutler use the data in connection with the purpose. E.g. if you contact Ticketbutler support via e-mail we will use your e-mail to respond to your support question.
  8. You should be aware that Ticketbutler may choose to use your information and other users’ information to generate reports and statistics with the purpose of selling such reports and statistics to third parties. In such case, your information will as far as possible be made pseudonymised before the reports and statistics are transferred to any third party. Ticketbutler does this for commercial purposes, but also to show and promote the success of the Ticketbutler Services. Ticketbutler believes that being upfront about this is just good business.

How we share your data

  1. Sharing data with organisers. Personal data entered by a ticket buyer, registrant or donor through an event in Ticketbutler Services will be transferred to the Organiser of such event and they are therefore ultimately responsible for the processing of your data. The Organiser may create an event on behalf of a third-party Organiser. In such circumstances Ticketbutler may provide your personal data to the third-party organiser. Ticketbutler has no responsibility for the actions of the use of your personal data by the Organiser or third-party Organiser.
  2. Statutory disclosure. It is possible that we will need to disclose information about you when required by law, application or other judicial processes or if we suspect it is necessary to disclose the information in order to:
    1. prevent or respond to suspected or actual illegal activities or to assist public authorities;
    2. enforce our agreements with you,
    3. investigate and defend ourselves against third party claims or allegations,
    4. protect the security or integrity of our service (e.g. by sharing information with companies facing similar threats ),
    5. enforce or protect Ticketbutler’s, our members, employees, or others’; rights and security.
    We try to inform our members of the legal requirement for disclosure of their personal data if, in our discretion, it is appropriate, unless the law or legal order prohibits this or if the request is urgent. We can contest such claims when we believe that the requests are excessive, insignificant or inadequate, but we will not promise that we will challenge all requests. We may need to share your data if we have a presumption that it is a legal requirement or to protect your, our or others’; rights and security.
  3. Transfer of business. We may share your Personal Data as part of an acquisition, merger or change of management, or in preparation for these. An external party that acquire a part of Ticketbutler or Ticketbutler as a whole is entitled to continue to use your data, but only in a manner specified in this Privacy Policy, unless you accept otherwise. We may share your data if Ticketbutler is acquired, but your Personal data will continue to be used in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
  4. Service providers. Ticketbutler may share your data with third-party services who process data on behalf of Ticketbutler to conduct certain business-relation processes. These companies includes but not limited to email service providers, database service providers and marketing agencies. See Ticketbutler Sub-processors list.
  5. Third countries. We may transfer your data to other countries than the country in which you are resident. We use third-party service providers and partners that operates in countries outside EU including US. This means that we may process your data outside in a country outside EU. Our website servers are all located within EU.


Ticketbutler may use “cookies” to store data on your computer or mobile device or internet connected device. We may also link information stored on your computer/device in cookies with data stored on our servers. If you set up your web browser or device so that cookies are not allowed, you might not be able to use some or all of the features of the Ticketbutler Services. Analytics and customisation cookies may be used to collect information about the use of the Services to help Ticketbutler and its Organisers to understand how the Service is used. Cookies may be used for targeted advertising both on behalf of Ticketbutler and the Organisers using the Ticketbutler Services. Cookies may be used by Organisers to measure how effective their advertisement is. No information collected in such activities allow Ticketbutler or Organisers to identify your name, contract information, or other Personal Data unless you choose to provide these.

Purpose of collecting information

The purpose of collecting the above mentioned information for Ticketbuter and its Organisers is (i) to identify you as the user, (ii) to optimize the Ticketbutler Services, (iii) to better service you as a user, (iv) to abide applicable law and regulations, (v) to enforce the agreement between you, Ticketbutler, and the organisers or a third party with whom you enter agreements via the Ticketbutler Services, (vi) to protect the rights, safety and property of Ticketbutler, the users, others, (vii) to create statistics, reports and conduct data mining on pseudonymised data and (iv) to target advertising either directly or through third party providers.

Data storage and your rights

Ticketbutler store data on ticket purchasers, registrants, and donors for five years after the event has concluded (as prescribed under Danish law), as long as the User is registered to use the services, or if chargebacks are still a possibility. You may close your account at any time by contacting us. If your account is closed we will delete your personal data, but will keep pseudonymised data based on your use of Ticketbutler Services. You have all the rights afforded to you under the law, including:

  1. You are entitled to be informed of what information Ticketbutler collects in relation to you and your use of the Ticketbutler Services.
  2. You are entitled to demand amendments or deletion of Personal Data pertaining to you that is gathered by Ticketbutler. However, ticket buyers, registrants, and donors should understand that even if their Personal data is deleted, pseudonymized, or anonymized in this manner, that data may still be available in the Organiser’s own databases, in cases where Ticketbutler has transmitted such data to the Organiser before receiving the Users’s request to delete, pseudonymize, or anonymise it.
  3. You can object to Ticketbutler gathering information pertaining to you. Further details about objection in Complain section.
  4. You are entitled to object against your information being transferred to third parties.
  5. You may ask us to stop using all or some of your Personal Data (e.g. if we are no longer allowed to use them) or to restrict our use of your Personal Data (e.g. if your personal information is inaccurate or stored in an illegal manner).
  6. You have the right to retrieve a copy (in a machine-readable form) of your Personal Data Ticketbutler has stored.
You can make use of your rights by writing Ticketbutler at the below address. However, use of the Ticketbutler Services and provision of information to Ticketbutler is voluntary, if you object to Ticketbutler gathering information on you or demand deletion of all or substantially all information on you, Ticketbutler might not be able to, or might refuse to, continue providing the Ticketbutler Services to you.

Security measures in protecting the information

Ticketbutler provides physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect information that Ticketbutler collects and processes. Only trusted employees and contractors of Ticketbutler will have access to the gathered information. When communicating information electronically, Ticketbutler will encrypt such information. We implement security measures designed to protect your data (e.g. HTTPS). We regularly monitor our systems to find possible vulnerabilities. We monitor and try to prevent security holes and attacks. However, we cannot guarantee the security of the information you send us. There is no guarantee that data cannot be accessed and that they cannot be disclosed, altered or destroyed in violation of our physical, technical or administrative precautions.

Legitimate basis for processing

Legitimate basis for processing. We only collect and process personal information about you if we have a legitimate basis. A legitimate basis may include consent (where you have given your consent), contract (where processing is required to fulfill the contract with you e.g. to deliver the TicketButler services you have requested) and “legitimate interests”.

When we need your consent to process your personal information, you have the right to withdraw or refuse your consent at any time, and when we use legitimate interests, you are entitled to protest. If you have questions about the basis we use for collecting and using your personal information, please contact us using the contact details below.

Contact details

If you have questions or complaints regarding this policy, first contact Ticketbutler online. You can also send us a letter. Online contact: [email protected]


Apart from complaining directly to Ticketbutler at the above address, you are also entitled to complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency (“Datatilsynet”). You can do so via the following Link or you can write the agency at:

Borgergade 28, 5.
1300 Copenhagen K